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28 Sep 2016

How To Treat A Sore Throat Naturally


The cause of the Inflammation is usually bacterial, viral or place in an endurance person's body is being weakened. Pharyngitis is generally caused by the bacteria streptococcus. How does it take if exposed to the bacteria with antibiotics. or eating a healthy diet like many consume and accompanied by drinking a vitamin. There are two types of sore throat, that same acute sore throat chronic sore throat:

Acute inflammation of the throat is sore throat inflammation was new, as there are symptoms of pain in the throat/difficulty swallowing food and accompanied by coughing and high fever.

Chronic sore throat pain is inflammation of the tenggoroknya have long failed to recover, for example do not feel pain when swallowing, but just feel there is something hindering or Scotch on the throat. Source cara mengobati sakit tenggorokan

The following tips on how to treat a sore throat naturally

Ginger tea

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) Rhizome plants, is a spice and is often used for drugs. gingerbread shaped like fingers of the bulging on the middle segment and ginger have a nutty taste caused by ketone compound called zingeron. Therefore this very capable ginger tea to treat strep throat by way, first you seduh half a glass of tea with hot water and then simmer the ginger one fruit with a glass of plain water for 5 minutes, then mix it with half a glass of tea, drinking one glass on the advise of the day each ahead of going to bed.


Provide fresh turmeric, and one teaspoon of salt then input with a glass of warm water stir-stir until evenly distributed and then use it to gargle, this herb is very effective to treat radng throat, on advise do every day when waking up in the morning. Cara mengobati sakit tenggorokan secara alami

Honey and lemon

Provide one fresh lemon and one spoon of honey, then squeeze the lemon juice lemon input into honey add warm water and stir well, then drink the potion, lemon honey and herb because it is able to treat a sore throat, drinking heartily recommend once a day in each going to bed.

Lemon and soy sauce

Provide one Lemon and soy sauce and then squeeze the lemon and add one teaspoon sweet soy sauce, and then drink the potion due to being able to treat pain in the throat in the phlegm so rock, join in the herb recommend that drink 2 times a day.

27 Sep 2016

How to thicken your Eyebrows with olive oil

Eyebrows have important functions in the face, one of them is to hold dust and foreign objects that can enter kemata. In fact, now the eyebrows is part of the appearance of someone who should be noted especially for women. Different eyebrow shapes become the hallmark of a woman. There are also thin, thick, depending on genetic factors.


Now, it has been a lot of instant ways to thicken your eyebrows in support of one's appearance, such as using a pencil eyebrow and eyebrow embroidery. However, the way is not natural and not give permanent results. This time the writer will give you tips that can be applied to regenerate and thicken your eyebrows naturally. Cara menebalkan alis

1. Olive oil

Olive oil is often used in various cosmetic products due to which are effective in skin moisturizing. Natural ingredients are rich with vitamin E can help grow eyebrows.

Olive oil can also make the eyebrows darker so it looks thicker. The use of olive oil is so easy, that simply apply and massage the eyebrows with warm olive oil 5 minutes before bed. Let all night, then rinse with warm water in the morning. The way this is done on a regular basis so that the results obtained at the maximum.

2. Aloe Vera

In addition to the health of skin and hair, Aloe Vera plant or often called with aloe vera can also thicken your eyebrows. Aloe Vera can also create eyebrows more shiny and help repair the ravages of epilation. Simply by applying the mucus/Aloe Vera gel for 10 minutes to allow the nutrients the plant is absorbed, then rinse with clean water. In addition, Aloe Vera can also be applied at night before bed. Cara cepat menebalkan alis mata

3. Onion

Red Onion is one of the herbs that are very popular in Indonesia. In addition to herbs, shallots also have properties to thicken your eyebrows. The onion has a high sulphur content that can improve blood circulation and the production of collagen tissue is needed to grow the eyebrows. Its use simply by pasting the slices of onion on the eyebrows, and then rubbed or massaged for 5 minutes, then rinse off with milk cleanser or cold water. Make sure the water content of what's on the onion is not on the eye. Do this on a regular basis so that treatment eyebrows looked thicker naturally.

4. Milk

As was well known, the milk is rich in protein and vitamins. He can help thicken, maintain and nourish the eyebrows. Rendamkan cotton into liquid milk, and then attach to the eyebrows and leave for 20 minutes. Doing it this way on a regular basis in order to get positive results after a few days.

5. Coconut oil

To quickly thicken your eyebrows can use coconut oil. Do I simply applying coconut oil on your eyebrows before bedtime and leave it on all night. For better results, the use of coconut oil can be blended with grated lemon zest. Pour a little bit of coconut oil into a container, add the grated lemon rind, then apply on the eyebrows. Deployment can also use cotton.

25 Sep 2016

How To Remove Cellulite With Coffee Dregs

Small skin lumps due to hampered her fat flowing through the blood in the body known as cellulite. Usually the form of cellulite like orange peel, and if on a woman who was a sign of cellulite is like a caterpillar colored reddish or greenish. Scars such as orange peel were called cellulite. Actually on a woman's self cellulite is not a disease that is dangerous, but very disturbing appearance for him.


Let alone the cellulite that appeared in the calves is very noticeable once disturbing appearance. Will cause the skin to look like orange peel textured result of cellulite. But the visible fat is actually buried in the skin. The excess fat between the skin and muscles are the cause of the appearance of cellulite. If on the part of the body is not muscular, meaning fat does not have a "Foundation", so that in the end in between the skin will appear fat. And as a result will appear rough skin surface which is "cellulite".

In women, in certain parts of the body, but more fat, such as the stomach, thighs, buttocks and back. And on the part of the body that often looks to the emergence of the "cellulite". In order for cellulite can be lost in the area, you need to tighten and the muscles in the area. Do sports tertaur and complete with intake of white water, manage stress, stay away from pollution and fix the unhealthy eating patterns you. Thus, the appearance of cellulite will be ejected from the body smoothly and orderly and fat deposits and toxins will be destroyed. Cara menghilangkan selulit

Causes of cellulite: what exactly is the cause of this cellulite occurs? Why do many women who experience this cellulite? The actual cause of cellulite or known as orange peel syndrome is caused due to several factors. Yet excess body weight (obesity) are the main factors that cause the appearance of cellulite. Layout pengidapt cellulite is usually not the same and different place, but a place that often occur in the appearance of cellulite is the stomach, thighs, calves and buttocks. Women in general are having a lot of cellulite, because women have a thin skin and have more fat than men. Cellulite is not dating with suddenly, but there is cause and effect.

How to remove cellulite stomach, buttocks, calves, back, breasts & thighs: the appearance of fine lines or cellulite on the skin is of course often you come across in person people who have problems on weight. This regular and cellulite appear on certain body parts such as the abdomen and thighs. But many also not experiencing weight problems also experienced the problem of cellulite. And here you can find how to treat and eliminate cellulite on the thighs, calves or buttocks

1). Tomatoes are one of the most frequently used alternative to get rid of cellulite in women is to use tomatoes. In addition because the accessible and efficient, the tomato can also repair damaged skin tissues because it has a good vitamin. How to use the tomatoes to remove the cellulite is to cut the tomatoes in half and then in olaeskan area in section merat cellulite and added with a bit of a massage. Do this on a regular basis before bathing. Cara cepat menghilangkan selulit

2). Apple vinegar in addition to functioning as a treatment as the antidote to the poison and bile, the content within the Apple vinegar is also a powerful tool to get rid of cellulite on the stomach and thighs or calves. Apple vinegar you can find in stores, herbal medicine and how to use vinegar to remove the cellulite is to how to apply the vinegar in the evening before going to bed, and then in the morning the clean brand of water when bathing.

3). Coffee dregs If in the morning you enjoy drinking coffee, when done drinking don't you waste ampasnya. Because the coffee dregs can also eliminate cellulite on the thighs. But of course the coffee used is pure black coffee without sugar. And how to use the coffee dregs to eliminate cellulite is pretty easy, with yatu slathered the coffee dregs in the skin appearing cellulite, then let sit for about 20 minutes then immediately rinse with clean water.

24 Sep 2016

How to prevent and Eliminate bad breath


As we know with that bad breath is a very annoying and uncomfortable making yourself or for others. Even the impact of bad breath makes us lost confidence and tend to stay away from activities that require interaction to talk with others.

How to prevent and eliminate bad breath?

To prevent and eliminate bad breath is actually pretty easy, how to prevent and eliminate bad breath you can do based on the cause of bad breath itself. So before please find first know the causes of bad breath in General.

Once you know the causes of bad breath then you could do prevention by applying precautionary advice or start menjaui some things that could be triggering bad breath.

Here are some Tips on how to prevent and Eliminate bad breath/ Cara menghilangkan bau mulut:

1. Brush your teeth regularly and regularly

The main cause of bad breath is dental and oral hygiene is not maintained properly including the one pattern of irregular brush your teeth. Start the routine brushing my teeth for at least 2-4 times a day, especially in the morning after waking up and at night before bed.

This also applies to the teeth are berkawat or dental care, provide a spouse is reserved or attention is reserved to the teeth berkawat teeth or teeth because usually couples pair/berkawat more potent cause of bad breath.

2. Clean your Tongue

In certain cases it's often tongue foul odor not because many deposits of a plaque or food scraps stuck to the wall of the upper part of the tongue. Clean it by using a toothbrush or fine tool tongue cleaners is reserved if your tongue there are deposits of plaque. cara menghilangkan bau mulut secara alami

3. use Mouthwash

In certain circumstances where the situation does not allow it to brush your teeth then the alternatives you can try gargle using a mouthwash. This way quite effective for reducing the odor on the area of your mouth. Use a mouthwash that you can get at the nearest pharmacies or could also try with natural mouthwash. It is advisable to gargle finding that there is no kanduangan alkoholnya.

4. avoid food/drinks are not smelling delicious

One of the causes of the incidence of bad breath is the consumption of food or beverages that are potentially menumbulkan bad breath. Some examples of foods and drinks that can cause bad breath, among others, the main material in Curry dishes, meals with the main ingredient of Pete and alcoholic beverages.

5. good eating Patterns

Irregular eating patterns can cause the effect of bad breath especially during stomach empty for too long and the production of saliva is reduced so that it can cause bad breath. Irregular eating patterns can also cause problems on your digestion so that potentially raises a sore mouth ulcers and bad breath.

6. Consumption of fruits

Vitamin C in fruits may increase the production of saliva in the mouth, it needs to be in the know that the production of saliva which is less good can cause dry mouth and potentially effect the incidence of bad breath. Konsumsilah fruits like apples, guava fruit, lemon and other fruit bervitamin C.

7. Stop smoking

The habit of smoking is one of the causes of the incidence of bad breath. In addition to dangerous to yourself and others, cigarette smoke can also cause plaque/Tartar the incidence of potentially large deposits of food spoilage. Quitting is an option but it's good start to quit smoking gradually given the large number of negative impact on timbulkannya.

8. check gear

When often experience bad breath then it is worth you checking your bad breath problem to a clinic or a doctor of dental and mouth is reserved. Dental care that is not a maximum potential incidence of plaque or tartar. Plaque and Tartar which can cause odors do not foul on your mouth. Additionally on specific dental problems such as incidence of abscesses or teeth have a cavity was also very likely the onset of bad breath.

22 Sep 2016

2 Natural Ingredients That are Safe For Eroded Armpit Hairs


How eroded armpit hairs that could actually make armpit hairs are lost for a short time at the same time can maintain the health of the skin of the armpit. Armpit hairs are indeed very annoying, not only because of the uncomfortable feeling as a sense of tingling or impaled on the armpit it evokes, but can also cause body odor.

The armpit is the body part that is often humid so many germs or bacteria that are flourishing there, especially with the armpit hairs. Often we are removing armpit hairs by shaving or pulled it out as an instant way.

But if not done carefully shaving or plucking the armpit hairs can cause side effects like skin irritation and armpits are blackened. To eliminate underarm hairy bushy, reminding other than you no longer must shave and pulled it out, there are 2 Cara menghilangkan bulu ketiak.

1. Whiting

How eroded natural armpit hairs can by using the whiting. This natural herb to make by way of mixing 1 tbsp lime betel and 2 tbsp water and stirred. Previously used to clean underarms with SOAP to clean and pat dry using a towel. Apply water mixture evenly on the surface of the skin of the armpits and let stand about half an hour. Then clean the armpits with SOAP and wiped clean using warm towels until then pat dry. For maximum results do this treatment as much as 3 times a week, but if the armpit hairs have started to disappear quite do care about once in a week or two.

2. Turmeric

Not only as a food seasoning, turmeric is believed to have a benefit for curing fevers and also inhibit the growth of hair. In addition to turmeric can also whiten and preserve the health of the skin. Cara menghilangkan bulu ketiak alami Here's how by taking 1-2 tsp turmeric peeled and cleaned. Puree the turmeric and then combine with water to form a paste of turmeric to taste. Apply the turmeric paste on the armpits and rubbing gently in the direction opposite from the direction of grow armpit hairs. Wait until about a quarter of an hour or until it dries and then cleaned with warm water. How to naturally eroded armpit hairs with turmeric is more suitable in the armpit hairs are still not overly dense growth.

21 Sep 2016

Benefits Of Dragon Fruit To Lose Weight


We may not know this fruit turns out to have quite a lot of benefits that create health and eating the fruit in a way the routine we get health and immune to us. The fruit is suitable for all ages from children to older people.

When we look at it and do not know the benefits of Dragon fruit red for baby so we can sometimes underestimate the fruit dikarekan not know what properties of the fruit itself. You guys definitely curious what are the benefits of these fruits and here I will tell to you all.

You guys certainly confused what benefit the fruit and Dragon fruit was usually ornate depn home because its rare and unique from other fruit. Benefits of Dragon fruit red for this diet is also very good to provide digestion and regulate sugar levels Manfaat buah naga.

Weight loss and Diet.

For those of you who tried with various things tlah in lose weight it will be good start saving the Dragon fruit in the refrigerator. This fruit is one way to lose weight is filling stomachs with foods rich in fiber low calorie yng could not make your stomach melar. One of them is to eat Dragon fruit, fruit that one has a fairly high content of fiber with water contains a lot that makes thy digestion become more fluent.

Overcoming Diabetes

Although this red dragon fruit contains sugar but because the levels of fiber in this fruit is high enough so that it remains beneficial create prevent and overcome diabetes. The content of this slama fibers known as pelancar digestion, but there are other important functions to regulate and control blood sugar levels. manfaat buah naga untuk kesehatan Vitamin B3 that much can also help prevent or overcome the diabetes, the main types 1 and 2, is a type of diabetes that occurs frequently.

Improve The Immunity Of The Body.

Benefits of Dragon fruit is very important to increase the body's immunity to human beings. A great antioxidant content in the fruit of this one will certainly enhance our immune system.

Prevent Cancer.

Dragon fruit is rich with antioxidants phytoalbumin to help the formation of free radicals are carcinogenic in the body. Dragon fruit is also very rich in fiber, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin C, and B2, as well as helping to remove the toxic metal in the body that some of them can cause cancer.

Red Dragon Fruit benefits for health and beauty. It might help to nourish the body of you all and many more benefits of Dragon fruit make pregnant women. That's what I share to you guys and hopefully useful for health and could be one solution to cure the disease.

31 Jul 2016

Price of Cleaning up Tartar at the Doctor


Tartar is one disorder that often arise on the part of human teeth. Although not dangerous, but can make Tartar teeth become more fragile and more vulnerable developing toothache.

To clean Tartar, you can take advantage of two ways, namely by cleaning Tartar using natural materials or by making use of the assistance of a dentist. Two ways of cleaning the teeth of karan has strengths and weaknesses respectively. you can read at How To Clean Tartar From The Habit Themselves Naturally

Clean the tooth with natural reefs tend to be much cheaper compared to clean Tartar to the doctor. Nevertheless, this first way tend to be a bit less effective or not. Tartar are cleaned using natural materials are usually not perfect or the loss still left some on the sidelines – teeth that are difficult to reach.

In contrast to the first way, cleaning tartar in doctors tend to be more effective, quick, and easy. However, as explained above, the cost required to clean tartar in doctors usually tend to be much more expensive compared to the cost of cleaning up Tartar yourself at home.

Costs and the price of cleaning up Tartar at the doctor

No matter the price or fare clean Tartar is actually very different and varied between one doctor with other doctors. However, when compared to the cost of cleaning Tartar yourself at home (using natural ingredients), the cost of cleaning up tartar in doctors is relatively much more expensive. As information, the mean – median cost of cleaning Tartar is set by some clinics dentists that is in the neighborhood of Jakarta is Rp 300,000 until Rp 1,000,000, hanging with the severity of the Tartar is attached to.

If you want to clean tartar with a relatively cheaper price, one of the options that you can is to travel to the clinic. When compared to the price of cleaning tartar in a doctor's clinic, the price of cleaning up tartar in clinics belongs a little cheaper i.e. in the range of Usd 100,000 to Rp 500,000.

30 Jul 2016

How To Clean Tartar From The Habit Themselves Naturally

The presence of plaque and Tartar can make teeth more easily damaged. Teeth that are filled with plaque or tartar usually tend to be stricken with a bacterial cause of cavities or bacterial causes of bad breath. If not cleaned immediately, tartar can damage the lining of the email on the teeth and tooth finally becomes hollow easier.


How To Clean Tartar From The Habit Themselves Naturally

Brush Your Teeth Regularly

Brushing my teeth on a regular basis can help dilute the layer of plaque and the reef on the teeth. Though not too produce a significant impact, but brushing my teeth properly on a regular basis is the easiest way and also effective to eliminate and prevent the incidence of coral on the teeth. Cara membersihkan karang gigi

Brush your teeth with Acid Kawak Seeds

Just as with any other acidic materials, seed sour kawak abrasive nature, making it very suitable for use as an ingredient in coral teeth. scraper To use the seeds as kawak acid toothpaste, you only need to smooth sour beans kawak, and then use the powdered seeds kawak acid as a substitute for toothpaste you.

Eat An Apple

Eating apples that are not peeled the skin also has proven it can scrape a layer of plaque and the reef on the teeth. According to some research, the layers of skin of apples contain high acid substances. So if consumed on a regular basis can serve as an alternative to clean teeth attached to coral.

Brush your teeth with Clove

How to clean Tartar is naturally the fourth is brushing my teeth with the use of cloves. When used for brushing my teeth, cloves have abrasive properties, making it very suitable used to lift the layer of plaque and also the coral on the teeth. Not only that, brushing my teeth with clove powder can also prevent the development of bacteria causes bad breath causing bacteria and cavities in the mouth.

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25 May 2016

How to Whiten Yellow Teeth Naturally

Worth learning how to whiten teeth naturally and quickly, the following will give you advice and tips on traditional materials are good and safe to use, such as baking soda, lime and other herbs that are proven to whiten yellow teeth properly. Although some one the results are not instant, but if done continuously will get white teeth shining and able to survive in the long term.

Before entering the discussion of the core, it is worth Caraspotter know what and how the nature of the actual tooth. Thus, the tooth is a hard part contained in the mouth that are mostly owned by vertebrate creatures. And in the mouth, tooth shape varies from molars, milk, and front teeth that are part of the most widely questioned people, especially women, in maintaining their appearance. But most important of all it is actually on its function, namely, to cutting, tearing and destroying the food.

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24 May 2016

Herbal Treatment Eliminate Phlegm Traditionally

Actually there are ways to eliminate phlegm traditionally. However, due to lack of information about treatment like this, people tend to use chemical drugs / packaging to cure tinea versicolor.

Herbal treatment will not cause any side effects on the skin. As has been known that there are some skin sensitive to chemical drugs.

Sulfur is a natural minenal most widely encountered in the mountains. Treat tinea versicolor using sulfur quite powerful. Perhaps you often wondered why people living in mountainous areas are rarely affected by tinea versicolor. The common cause in their lives always meet even the bath with water containing sulfur.

Take sulfur amounting to toe as much as two-hump. Mash until smooth. Furthermore, mixed with lime juice and coconut oil. Apply on the affected body part phlegm. Rutinkan this therapy at least three times a day.

You can also mix the sulfur into the water you use for bathing. If you regularly use both these ways, phlegm will start to disappear on day five. But with the record you always use both of the above

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